E commerce SEO For Beginners

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March 18, 2018
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E commerce SEO For Beginners

Selling products through e-commerce store can be a really tough task especially when you are a new brand that only few people know about. You might get some results by promoting goods and services online. But you may not get as much traffic as you’d like Today we will show you how to identify common problems that are keeping you from making more money. And more importantly, how to apply effective solutions to reach your goal all through organic sales and revenue.

NO# 1 : You're Not Updating Your keyword Enough

First thing first SEO You probably already know that SEO plays a crucial role in selling product or services, And so does keywords are essential to rank high on Google. It’s one of the best ways to increase organic traffic to your e-commerce store. Everything from title tags to your product description matters, so it’s very important to optimize every part of your on page SEO

#Title tag

A title tag specifies the name of your page in HTML format. If your title tag doesn’t use your product name, primary keywords, or any modifiers, people usually scroll past it. Modifiers are buzzwords that a user may type in to specify their search context.

Buzzwords like:

• Offers

• Reviews

• Cheap

• Best

• Sale

• Easy

• 50% Off

So if your title tag was previously “Jeans at arnal,” you should consider adding modifiers like “cheap,” “best,” “25% off,” or “custom” for search queries like “The Best Cheap Custom Jeans,” or “35% Off Jeans at arnal.


#Meta Description

A meta description simply describes your e-commerce store or website in more detail on SERP. It’s good to elaborate on the modifiers that you used in your title tag here. You can use buzzwords in meta description which entices the user, i.e:

  • Affordable

  • Online Jeans

  • No minimum order

  • No delivery charges

  • 100% genuine products.

For example “Affordable custom jeans available online with no minimum order, no delivery charges 100% genuine products order now“ Remember that you now have 300 characters to play with make it simple yet effective description

#Alt tags

Alt tags provide a text alternative for screen reader users and describes specific details about the image. It also helps to rank higher in search engine results since search engine crawlers, such as Googlebot, can’t actually interpret images. Rather, they interpret the alt text behind the images. And Googlebot likes users who speak their language. “Which means you have to provide alt tags for all of your images on your e-commerce store”

#Write long-form content for description

Now here is the thing long-form content for description doesn’t mean that you are going to write those 1500-2000 words of description for your single product. Nobody is going to read that much long description of your product, they probably leave the page which will obviously increase bounce rate and no sale. Make it around 400-600 words highlighting the core features of the product on top and other description followed by.

NO# 2 : Slow Website

Nowadays people have shorter attention spans. When a website is taking too long to load, users more likely bounce to a different website (your competitors). In fact, “if your website does not load within 4 seconds, users are 50% more likely to leave your website.” It’s also been announced that Google will start to take mobile page speed into account for rankings. So if you website is slow then how can you speed up your website to draw more traffic? Well, before you start working on you website speed you should first check how slow your page speed is. The PageSpeed Insights tool can help you to check your website speed in mobile or desktop (**we recommend you to try some other tools like- SEOPTIMER, Gt matrix and more)

No# 3 : Not enough backlinks

Now here is the essential thing backlinks which is important for each and every website in order to get higher website ranking. It’s not enough to have one website linking back to your page 20 times. But if there are 20 different websites linking back to your page, well that can be really help full. Some SEO techniques that can help you create Backlinks are- "Guest blogging, Article submission and stealing competitor’s backlinks"

No# 4 : Your e-commerce store is not optimized for mobile

Nowadays people spent most of the time browsing in their mobile every day. Even people use their phones for everything. Web surfing, playing games, reading the news, tracking stocks, and yes for shopping too. So if your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re missing out on some serious customers. “To ‘optimize’ for a mobile-first index, make sure that what you serve to mobile users is the version of the content you’d want Google to index, not a pared down version, or a version that gets updated later than desktop, or a version that redirects to the mobile homepage.” So to get your site ready, here are some key metrics you need to follow in order to optimize your e-commerce store for mobile:

Performance which falls into three categories:

  • Responsive design

  • Dynamic serving

  • Custom mobile website

Responsive design

A responsive design index will adhere to the current size of the viewing window that a person is using. It’s often the cheaper way to go and requires no HTML changes (only CSS changes).

Dynamic serving

Dynamic serving offers more flexibility depending on the device. Basically, less “stuff” shows up on the mobile website, which means smoother navigation for users

Custom mobile website

Custom mobile websites leverage a mobile-specific URL and are known to be the most “mobile-friendly” when it comes to performance. These utilize separate HTML and CSS structures but feel the same for both mobile and desktop websites.

Let us know what are your thoughts Ecommerce SEO in the comment section, and if you are looking for any ecommerce SEO solution contact us   

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